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Are you my mummy?
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Oh man….

This was exactly what Soren was hoping to avoid. He stared forward for a moment, looking like a deer in headlights before gingerly picking up the menu sitting on the table in front of him. A quiet sigh escaped his lips.

“N-no...it’s alright. I’ll get something. I just need to look at the menu first.”

In hindsight, perhaps agreeing to meet at a restaurant wasn’t the smartest idea for someone who wasn’t planning on eating anything. His hand unconsciously shifted to his pocket, squeezing the wallet inside as he searched through the text of the laminated paper to find something that wasn’t too expensive.

Well. It looked like everything was pretty close in price, except for one special. Some kind of “surprise”? Soren licked his lips nervously. He wasn’t exactly a fan of Mexican food, but it was on some special sale, so… It surely couldn't be that spicy.

Soren raised his hand and, as “Danielle” came over, he gave his order. The waiter eyed him over, responding quizzically.

You sure about that, buddy?

Soren pursed his lips, wondering what his server had meant by that. In any case, it was a little too late to back down now. He confirmed that he did, indeed, intend to order the dish, and as the waiter turned to leave, he focused his attention on Paris.

“Yeah, Sicily sounds great, I mean, it’s not a big deal to double back. We’ve got a couple weeks booked off anyway, so a few more days won’t be too much of a big deal.”

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