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Are you my mummy?
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Soren cringed inwardly as the waiter headed back to the table, having almost miraculously made the correct interpretation of his friend’s request. This trip was going to be pretty expensive, and, unlike Paris or Maxwell, Soren’s family wasn’t exactly wealthy. Soren himself had been cutting back quite a lot on expenses, and carefully pinching the pennies from his part-time job in order to pay as much of his own way as he could.

Even still, he didn’t want to let Paris know that. The very thought of his friend offering to pay for him turned his stomach. It would be shameful to impose on Paris that way, even if the amount was small. Soren knew that if he accepted any sort of gift, he’d be up all night feeling guilty about it. It was enough that he was being invited on this trip in the first place.

After spending just a little too long deliberating, he put down the menu handed to him and placed it to the side, hoping that he wouldn’t be asked about it as he attempted to focus the both of their attentions on the trip.

“Uh...yeah… It sounds pretty great to me!” Even if he did have any objections, it definitely wouldn’t have been his place to voice them. After all, the trip was Paris’ idea, and he was undoubtedly paying the lion’s share of the cost, so it was only fair.

“We’ll be arriving in...er…” Soren first thought to use the word Napoli, but quickly decided that would be too pretentious. “...Naples first, right?” He had been trying to learn some Italian over the past couple months, but his pronunciations were still much too rough to be worth showing off.

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