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Paris needed a moment to recognize a familiar face as the tall slouching dude approached. Then he nodded, at Soren.

"Dude, what's up. No harm no foul on being late!" Paris physically waved off the bulk of Soren's apologetic rambling past a certain point, while the syllables just kept coming. Come to think of it Paris might have given Maxwell and Soren different meetup times. So Maxwell would probably be on time anyways, just not on time as Paris had defined to Soren. It all worked out.

"In the market for food? I can call for a menu." Paris already raised a hand to call a waiter over. A dude probably not named Danielle. Paris gestured a bit, fingers tracing a square. Could have meant 'bill', though, so Paris just called it out anyways. One menu for his good buddy.

"Anyways, so. What do you think about the current itinerary?" Last Paris remembered late July would involve the south of Italy. Was that right? "Uh, whatever it is," Paris chuckled.
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