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((Soren Rosendahl Start))

Oh man, I'm gonna be late!

Soren stopped running as he reached the Benson's parking lot, his hands on his knees as he panted. The sun beat down on his head it turned down to look at his watch. The hands ticked slowly by, the time just over fifteen minutes late for his appointed meeting.

He swallowed hard. It wasn't a big deal, he reminded himself. Paris wouldn't mind. They'd both been late tons of times before. Everything was going to be fine. Soren focused on his breathing, calming himself down as he shuffled into the store. His shoulders slouched unconsciously as he entered through the doors, a bad habit that he had unfortunately yet to break. After a few moments of standing there awkwardly, he remembered the phone in his pocket and pulled it out. The rubber of the case felt unpleasantly warm to the touch, caused by the weather, most likely.

He was about to shoot his friend a text when his eyes happened upon the table that Paris was sitting at. He gave a wave before heading over and taking a seat.

"Hey! I'm really sorry I'm late. I thought that I'd be able to make it in time, but I guess I misjudged how long it would take me to get here."

He paused for a moment, going on to give a further explanation that nobody had asked for. Another bad habit of his.

"I ran as fast as I could though. Sorry for making you wait."


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