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((Paris Ardennes continued from Sawyer, You're Going out a Youngster))

Paris had considered ordering Mamma's for a second but he wasn't so in the mood for spice. He'd needed a few minutes to pick out his order, then he'd settled on a basket of fries. He wasn't that hungry, so Maxwell and Soren could grab a couple handfuls unless they wanted their own food.

"The others will be along soon," he said to his attending waitress, a tall redhead. "Hopefully not too long a wait or I might be forced to flirt with you instead." He smirked a bit and she smiled with a bouncy little giggle.

"Goodness. No idea how I'd survive." She was probably like, twenty or something. Sometimes it was hard to tell with that sort of thing.

"I'd be the one in danger, really."

A couple more minutes later and Paris was checking his phone. Soren and Maxwell were several minutes late, or maybe Paris was several minutes early. He had left a study group a bit early to get here, because they'd already completely managed to help him finish his latework. He'd excused himself after by saying his Mom had sent a text. Then he'd ended up here, where he as of now had a barely touched plate of now not-so-hot and fresh fries and the name of the cute redhead who he'd probably be dropping in to meet again when she had her next shift. Danielle, he was pretty sure.

Supposedly he'd be meeting with his dudes today to hash out some of the details concerning the summer trip to Europe. Paris wasn't entirely sure who was going and all that. Finalizing some of the details would probably help in that regard.
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