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Felicia looked up. Okay, there they were. People were here, so it was a good idea to stop writing for the time being.

She flipped her notebook closed, and smiled. Rachael was a quiet person, but sometimes that wasn’t a bad thing. They’d both enjoyed writing and reading fantasy, which was nice. A few others were nearby, too. Yumi and Yaz were there, too. They were both kind of like Rachael, in a way: kind of quiet, kind of artsy.

Suddenly, Felicia heard a loud screeching noise. She flinched, before she decided to turn her head towards the source. It was… Claire? She was sure that was her name. Claire had dragged a chair out from the adjacent table. And somehow, she’d done it in a way where you could honestly mistake the noise for a banshee. It was awkward, but Felicia just gave her a quizzical look before looking back. She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to say anything about it. Maybe it was a little embarrassing, and she wouldn’t want anyone saying anything.

She looked back.

“Oh! I wouldn’t mind if you guys sit here,” she said, putting her smile back on. “I was just thinking about something. Erm, writing-wise, I mean.”

Aria had joined the group, too. Felicia didn’t know Aria as well as she should have. He was a gamer, wasn’t he? She remembered something about his diary being read in front of everyone in middle school, too. That sort of thing was the reason why Felicia tried to do something about bullying. No one should go through something like that.

Felicia gestured towards the empty seats. Well, she had people to sit with, now, so that was good.
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