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Aria Samuels: Start

Deep breath Aria, it's only lunch time. He had so far succeeded in avoiding the popular clique. All things considered, that was a good thing. It meant he wasn't going to have his remaining shreds of dignity put through the mud or having everyone laugh at him. Still, the hour was young and full of trepidation.

He darted his eyes around the area, focusing on taking deep breaths as he looked for a place to sit. Safety in numbers was probably the best policy for this situation.

That table was full, that one had someone he didn't like. That was a popular table: make a note to stay as far away as possible. He had waited some time until the cafeteria was more full in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of being caught. It seemed like his plan worked, but left the consequences of finding a table more difficult.

Wait, that table didn't seem bad. Felicia was nice, if not a bit of a lesbo slut from what he had heard from rumors. The other girls didn't seem to be mean either. Then again, was it ok for him to just walk up to them and join them? He doubted they knew him very well, nor did he think they had the best opinion of him. He was a bit of an asshole after all. Still, the places were filling up and he didn't want to be stuck taking a long trip to the bathrooms just to eat in peace.

Tentatively, he made his way over. So far, so good. You can totally do this. One, two, just keep moving towards them. And then ask. Was that hard? He could feel his heart pumping against his ribcage. Why was it feeling like a mile in his brain? The seconds seemed to stretch on forever. Maybe he should just turn back. But then where would he sit?

The earsplitting squeak of the table rattled him, his body visibly wincing at the sound. Guess it was now or never.

"H-hey," Aria stumbled out, nerves catching him in his throat. "Mind if I sit with you guys? There aren't many spaces left."

He let the last bit of his sentence hang in the air. God, he hoped other people weren't watching.
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