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It was lunchtime. Clair pushed through the doors of the cafeteria, moving toward the table that she usually took when she ate inside.

Which was often.

She could have gone outside, at least to not make herself look like a NEET, but it was too busy being a wet sack of lame outside.

So whoops, there went that idea.


Well, would you look at that? Someone was already sitting at the table. Someone she recognized, but wasn't too, too familiar with. More interestingly, there were three other girls around the table that Clair was more familiar with.

For... maybe not the best reasons.

She debated approaching the table. That was, after all, the only table that didn't wobble or have a squeaking leg. On the other hand, she wasn't aware off the top of her head which ones of them were aware of her change. Or had forgiven her. Well, it's not like she was going to die if she didn't get the table, but...

She sighed, before swerving to the right and taking one of the adjacent tables instead. She warily gripped the tabletop with her hands and gave it a tiny push.



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