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((Yumi Nunes continued from Study Buddies))

Yumi didn't like the cafeteria. It was always loud, and by the time she got there it was almost always crowded, so on most days she had to sit next to people that she didn't know very well while she tried to eat whatever they were serving that day. It wasn't a very pleasant experience, and she was always glad when it was over so she could return to the relative peace of her studies.

Today was looking to be a bit different, though. For one, she wouldn’t have to rely on the cafeteria to get her food. There had been a little bit of goulash left over from last night’s dinner, so her mom sent that to school with her in a small tupperware along with piece of toast and one of Grandma Agata’s brownies. It looked like she would be getting a pretty good lunch today, probably better than what the cafeteria was putting out in her opinion.

But even with better food on hand, she still had to deal with the challenge that was finding a comfortable place to sit. She passed by tables full of people loudly discussing their plans for the afternoon, laughing about gossip, and engaging in various other forms of social interaction. Yumi felt uncomfortable about the idea of butting in on what they were doing, and even if she wasn’t, she doubted that she would be able to fit in if she inserted herself into their groups, so she kept on walking in search of a place to sit.

She did find a little hope when she saw a mostly empty table with only one person present. And as luck would have it, it was someone that Yumi actually knew. She recognized Felicia from the writing club, and she was someone who Yumi thought of as a friend. She didn’t know if Felicia felt the same, but she had never been anything but nice to her in the past. She was busy scribbling away in her notebook, so maybe she didn’t want to be bothered. Yumi stood there for a few moments, wondering whether or not she should sit down before mumbling a brief greeting.

“Hi Felicia.”

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