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((Yasmin Carrol continued from Fashion Flare))

The cafeteria wasn't something Yaz would say she enjoyed. You had to deal with the awfulness of the "food" and you had to deal with the awkwardness of trying to find somewhere to sit. Yaz hated all of it. The entire experience was something she could live without ever having to do again. Still she had to do it this time, they had run out of food in the house so she had to go with whatever was passing for food in the cafeteria. She had what she assumed was a burger dropped on her plate along with some soggy chips. Yaz stared at it for a moment. It would have to do.

Grabbing a drink from a nearby vending machine, Yaz began the worst part of eating in the cafeteria, weaving through tables looking for somewhere to sit. She didn't want to be here but the cafeteria food needed to stay inside the cafeteria so she had no choice. Carefully navigating the maze of tables that threatened to block her way with every step Yaz searched the sea of people for the face of someone she knew and wouldn't mind spending lunch with...there was a lack of that readily available on first look.

As Yaz continued to look she eventually spotted Rachael standing awkwardly between some tables. Yaz was friends with Rachael, they were in the same classes and got on well, they were both quiet and knew that silences in conversations didn't need to be filled. Yaz knew she could spend lunch with Rachael and not hate everything. Rachael was however looking at something, following her gaze Yaz saw Felicia LaChapelle sitting at a table by herself writing something.

Felicia was nice and Yaz knew she was friendly so of all the people she could have sat with Felicia seemed like a good choice. She glided up next to Rachael and stood next to her for a moment before deciding she should probably say something.

"Hey...so should we sit there?"

Smooth as fuck. God she was a loser.
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