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So, Friday at lunchtime was quiet. It was kind of strange, to be honest? Felicia didn’t have anything until this afternoon, and that was student council. Cheer meeting was yesterday. She didn’t think anything was going on, though. Maybe the reason why it was quiet was because she’d arrived early. Her class got out on time, but maybe others were behind. Felicia did see a few people around, though. In fact, a long lunch line had started to form. So, maybe that was it. Lunch lines were the worst.

Felicia usually didn’t eat lunch in the cafeteria, though. She packed her own lunch, and it felt nice to eat outdoors. Maybe everyone else was also the same way. But, sometimes she did, like now. Eating outside wasn’t an option because it’d been raining for the past few days. Pretty hard, too! Maybe it’ll get better tomorrow, but she had no idea.

But she found a table. Felicia placed her lunchbag and a notebook on top, and slid into the chair. Her lunch was simple today: a tuna sandwich with swiss cheese, pickles, lettuce, and mayo on wheat bread. With it, though, she’d packed a slice of cheesecake. Her parents had brought it home for her; apparently, they’d been at a party recently? She hadn’t eaten it yet, but it looked delicious. Felicia loved cheesecake.

After Felicia took out her sandwich from its reusable bag, she bit into it. Well, it hit the spot after the test earlier today. She was sure she did fine. It was simple “What happened in this book?” stuff. They’d been reading Hamlet, and it wasn’t bad. It was The Bard, after all. There’d been a few token jokes about how “angsty” Hamlet was during the class discussions, but honestly, who wouldn’t be over the course of what happens during that play?

After a few more bites, she set the sandwich down on top of the bag she’d taken it out of. Well, she’d gotten her homework done, that test was out of the way, and she’d gotten a good night’s sleep. Maybe she could work a bit on her writing? Felicia had brought her notebook for a reason. It wasn’t full of any actual writing, just ideas she’d jotted down. Maybe she could brainstorm a bit on what to do in something she’d been writing. So far, she knew two things: she wanted to write a more traditional vampire story, and she wanted a scene where a vampire was distracted by mustard seeds. It was an interesting drawback that didn’t appear in vampire stories too often, unless you count Sesame Street? Felicia wasn’t sure that was what they were going for with Count von Count, though. It was probably a coincidence.

She’d written a few notes on that bit of folklore already. She just needed to figure out how to make it show up as an actual scene. Felicia stared at her notes on that element for a few seconds, before pulling out a pen from the spiral binding and scrawling a new note.

Chase scene?

Seemed practical for someone to do. If a vampire is chasing you, and you find some seeds, it was a good idea to take the time to pour it onto the ground. The vampire would be distracted long enough that you could get away. Now, would they be carrying the seeds to begin with, or is it something they spotted while being chased? There’s a difference here, dang it.
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