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Oh, shoot. Were they supposed to be talking like, now? Daniel had figured that it'd be just sorta like, they'd wave and say hello and have a brief fashion show out on the driveway, but then they'd get in the car right away. It's not like they couldn't talk there, and it meant they wouldn't be keeping Johnny waiting for too long, either. Now he guessed he just looked kinda silly, holding the door like that. Oh well!

Rachael tried to deflect his compliment, which was something Daniel understood completely. Compliments were weird and difficult to deal with, but he didn't just wanna let her refusal stand either, 'cause doing that would mean tacitly implying some horrible thing like 'yeah I was just trying to be nice' when he had meant it with every fiber of his being, but he suddenly found himself without the gracious strength to double down and go 'no, really, you're like the prettiest girl, seriously,' because at that point it felt dangerously close to being pushy enough to make things uncomfortable for her.

So instead he actually lamed out this time by saying "I'm pretty sure that everything tonight is like, pretty much the opposite of the usual, haha! Not like, in a bad way or anything, it's just, like, neither of us really do fancy dance things in general, y'know," and nothing beyond that.

He was also starting to ramble a bit, but nervousness kept that particular train shooting way past its station. Multi-track collision, thankfully both trains were just, like, robots. Robot trains for robots; not like the sentient and cool kind either. No one needed to die for a metaphor. "Johnny's, uh, fine? Cool? Really great for driving us? I mean, probably just be easiest to ask the dude himself!"
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Through the Dreamers, We Hear the Hum. They Say “Come On, Come On, Let’s Go.” · Memories of the Past (SC2)
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