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Johnny tapped the wheel. Leaned his head back against the top of the seat.

“Yeah, I getcha.”

Did he getcha, though? Johnny couldn’t make himself    totally sure of that. It was just, y’know. That could mean anything. Johnny imagined that it was the nerves holding Danny, though. Nerves about this. About Rachael. About meeting with her. About dancing with her. About potentially wooin’ her. Probably about that, if Johnny had to guess. Didn’t matter too much though. Johnny knew that feeling. Had been recent. Couple months ago. Art room. Mission to get his jacket back had given him a reward Johnny didn’t really think he’d get just by actually going back to school one day. Not that he was complaining, though. Reward was a reward. A friend was a friend. A good friend was a good one, even despite how it worked out.

Kitty was Kitty.

He smiled. Kept his fingers rapping on the wheel. Better days. Seemed so far away, or however that song went.

Danny had left the car. Went to go talk to Rachael. Part of Johnny wanted to follow. See them. See her.

Another part told him that it was best to leave the lovebirds together.

Another part told him that they’d be happier without him right now.

Another part told him that he didn’t really want to get run over by all the cars coming down the road right now.


Those parts had points.

Best to just sit back and be the driver.
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Through the Dreamers, We Hear the Hum. They Say “Come On, Come On, Let’s Go.” · Memories of the Past (SC2)
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