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((Daniel Whitten just might remember this night for the rest of his days.))

“Yeah, uh, this is the right house. I’m just, like - y’know?”

The proper thing to do probably would have been to get out of the car and go knock on the front door right away, but Daniel had been simultaneously anticipating and dreading this night ever since Rachael had first accepted his invitation, all those weeks ago. Like, asking her out (to prom, not like, asking her out asking her out, the vocabulary of modern romance was annoyingly vague at times) had probably been the spookiest thing he had ever done in his life! He tried not to let the fact that he’d be asking something bolder still at the end of the night if everything went well bother him. What mattered most was making sure that Rachael had a good time.

And it was already apparent that he had kept her waiting too long, as she had already left her house and begun walking down her porch. Rude already, Daniel. Well, if nothing else this prompted him into action, as he finally got out of the car, walked around the back of it towards the side her house was on and held open the car door for her. (Probably would have been smoother if he had already been sitting on that side, but that was still the polite thing to do, right? Like, you could never go wrong holding any door for anybody. Unless you were fleeing from some sort of ravenous horde and you compromised your entire stronghold and went down in one history as one dumb but very civil guy.)

“Hey, Rachael!” He said, waving to her with a smile as she approached. “You look beautiful,” he said like he had rehearsed a bunch of times in front of the mirror so he could say the words with confidence and not like stutter or lame out with something akin to ‘very pretty.’ It was very important that it sounded like he genuinely meant it, ‘cause Daniel was very bad at like, not weakening his own point with mumbling and vagueness. Rachael deserved way better than that.

Because, man. She was beautiful. Not that she wasn’t beautiful ordinarily, of course. It was just like, a different type of beautiful. Like, it was a bigger and brighter type of beautiful? No, ‘bigger’ made it sound like it was inherently better. The type of beautiful you’d capture in a painting instead of a photo album of you having an ordinary, everyday type of wonderful time with the people you loved? He was overusing the word beautiful, but he wasn’t the writer of the group, dang it.

A big part of it was probably just like, the effort that went into it. Makeup, heels, her hair. That took time! And some pain! Like, it was really incredible that girls could just like, do that sorta stuff! It’s not like Daniel wasn’t making an effort to look nice too or anything, but like, dudes just had to wear nice clothes and they were pretty much good and formally acceptable. Dress pants and shoes, suit and tie, a dark purple button-up shirt beneath that. Before, the only time he had really worn them was when the band played at graduation at the end of every year, but like, he felt he looked alright in them. He had sent Erica a selfie at her insistence and she had responded with like twenty different emojis so that was probably a good sign? Last time he checked with Johnny his tie hadn’t been like, crooked or anything either, so he was good there too.

Geeze, he had to chill. They weren’t even in the car yet. The panicking could wait until they got to prom itself and Daniel remembered that he had no real idea how to dance.
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