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The broken husk of the second-hand Mazda turned its last corner, moving forward for the final charge.

So stop.

Turn the wheel.

Move backwards.

Move forwards.

Try not to hit the bumper of the car in front and risk losing your license.

And there.

Mission complete.

((“Badass” Johnny Lancer, technically memories begin but this is probably going to be after a bunch of other memories threads so continued from there))

Well, as complete as it could be, by this point. They were only two thirds of the way through the journey. Once they were at prom, and if nobody was dead by the end? Then yeah, mission complete. He could go and drive and figure out what he was going to do tonight, then. Until then, he had to live in fear. Fear of himself. Fear of this car. Fear that his very presence on the road would cause other people to crash, or shit like that. Well, okay, yeah. Not really. He was sorta sitting in a driveway at the moment. Waiting. For things to happen. For time to pass. For the things that needed to happen here to happen here so he could go and figure out what he was going to do tonight. Those things.

He needed those to happen.

But he could wait. He’d done that a couple times before. Wasn’t like he needed to, anyway. Danny was right behind him. Wearing his Sunday best. He was supposed to be the one Johnny was waiting for but he hadn’t done anything yet. He was just sitting. Waiting for the right time. He was the one here supposed to get the girl. Badass Johnny was just the wingman. Admittedly, Johnny was probably a little more than that. He was probably, like, the ultimate wingman. The wingman who was so cool and so attractive all the girls in the school flocked around him. Yeah. He’d be that type of wingman.

Well, he would be, if that type of wingman existed.

Because he was the wingman.

And the wingman wasn’t supposed to get the girl, after all.

But yeah. Point was, Danny was still in the car. Johnny supposed he wasn’t supposed to wait yet, if that was the case.

May as well small talk.

“So this the right house?”
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Through the Dreamers, We Hear the Hum. They Say “Come On, Come On, Let’s Go.” · Memories of the Past (SC2)
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