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Taking her ticket from Brandon, Ramona gave him one last wave and a wink, before striding into the gym. "See ya there, Brandon!" It was always good to leave them wanting more, wasn't it? Clutching her purse next to her, she gave it one last look, as she took her steps, her heels clacking, into the gym.


As she walked over to the refreshments table to grab some punch, Ramona sighed. Under the lights, her light green dress looked sickly, her feet hurt from too tall high heels, and of course, her date had not arrived yet. Just the icing on the shit-cake that was turning out to be this dance. At least the punch wasn't half bad, as she discovered sipping boredly while trying to peer through the crowd. At the other end of the table, she spotted a girl, standing awkwardly, looking nervous. Was she waiting for someone? She looked oddly familiar, and as Ramona began approaching her, she first noticed that the girl was waving.

Then, she realized that the girl in question was Rachael, from Art class. Nice girl, if a bit quiet. Not exactly one for the party scene, but maybe she's into school spirit? Following Rachael's gaze, Ramona blinked in surprise.

Brandon? THE FUCK? Not exactly an unwelcome discovery, but damn, did it take him a long time. A lady did not like to be kept waiting, but hooray, a partial victory for promptness. That was sure to fly.

Still, Ramona blinked again at Brandon, and then raised her eyebrow at him, offering a slight smile. Well, at least he eventually showed up. That deserved a consolation point.

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