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Paris nodded to himself in satisfaction. "You're welcome," he replied simply.

His copycat order of tea finally arrived, he took a moment of silence to loudly murmur grace to himself. In his normal voice, not his Ella Fitzgerald voice. Then he took a sip, and it wasn't that bad, though it also wasn't really that good or worth the money he'd paid. He abandoned the glass.

"Oh, that sounds cool. Some of the big names." Paris shrugged a bit. "I didn't do so much research into those particular types of colleges, not the right sort of fit for me!" He appraised her for a second, scanning at her exposed bits of skin. "I bet you'll fit in perfect in that sort of environment though. Cool sorts of folks out there, and I'm glad you'll have the opportunity to continue expanding your musical skills and elevating them, you know. To the next level."

He raised a fist slightly into the air. Solidarity. "I hear you on that. Denton was a nice audience but the rest of the world deserves to hear what we have to say."
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