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Paris nodded once. She'd smirked, she'd said something. It sounded like he'd made a good decision.

"Awesome. Yeah, I just had to try it when I saw you with it."

She took a sip but he couldn't mirror that. He heard her out instead.

"I'm imagining something slow and saucy like the Ella and Louis cover, actually." Paris breathed out of his nose in amusement. "Though I bet you could pull off a jazzy arrangement." He mimicked a few slow, finger cramp-looking chords in midair, then smirked to himself. "I'm pretty interested to see how you end up doing it."

He looked away for a second, glancing into the distance. There was a spot of darkness somewhere in the dimly lit shop.

"... Yeah, it definitely could. You could go for it too. You've got the voice," he said thoughtfully. "How was school today? Bit distracted because of tonight coming up, maybe?"
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