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*Katya wheeze*
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Sophie smirked a bit when Paris told the waitress that he'd have what she was having. She hoped he enjoyed White Ginger and Lemongrass tea, since that was what she ordered. She also remembered the movie that made that line famous and had to make sure he didn't see her laugh at that.

"Good choice," she said. "It's delicious and fragrant."

Sophie took another sip of tea.

"But yeah, I was thinking something like 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'. That song has a lot of covers, so I can probably find a lot of notes of inspiration to take. But, y'know, try to make it my own."

"I could probably do a Mamas and Papas tribute and do 'California Dreaming' too. Big Mama Cass is an inspiration of mine, so I bet it'd work here."
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