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"Hey, what's up?"

((Paris Ardennes continued from The Crow and the Pitcher))

Her name was Sophie, Paris could recall.

Paris had been waiting off to one side of the cafe. He'd been leaning his arms onto an empty chair and his eyes had been closed. He'd noticed a familiar face when his eyes had opened, his eyes had instantly swiveled to inspect her. He'd walked over with a brisk step with his guitar case hanging neatly off the hook of his fingertips.

He took the chair next to her without a word. Then he draped a single arm over the free space of the table, pointed right at her.

"Looks like it's going to be busy tonight," he mused, looking at her with an easy smile. "Should be fun to play for a big crowd, I bet we'll do great." He fell invitingly silent. He'd spoken with this girl before. Paris respected her for her faith, even if she practiced it quietly. She surely wasn't the most devout in His name but Paris understood that and forgave that.
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