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Ramona felt pretty proud of herself. Impressing a guy, showing him that she got that hot stuff - all in the bag. Like a clean three-point shot, nothing but net. Flawless.

She was initially worried at first that all Brandon cared about was getting some of her body, and Ramona was not the kind of girl who wanted to objectified. Not that most ladies wanted that, but Ramona made sure of it. Anyways, it seemed that Brandon was more interested in her personality than just her...face.

He definitely still wanted her to put out, but it didn't seem like that was all he was after. It better be like that.

Ramona was still confidently smiling at Brandon when she heard the guy behind her get impatient. Well, crap. The handing over of the money, what the dance was for, oh. Oh yeah. That part kind of got away for a bit. At least Brandon promised her a dance?

With all the grace that she could muster, Ramona swiftly pulled out a $5 dollar bill, and handed it over to Brandon, still smiling, whilst trying to ignore the grumbling behind her. "Here you go, honey."

Brandon better follow up on his promise to dance, or shit was going to go down.
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