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Nodding at Brandon, Ramona took a moment to appreciatively glance at Brandon's biceps. They did look good, but as her idol Lauryn Hill once said, she was not all about that thing.

"That is so, so right. If you're going to go break it off with me, be a gentleman and SAY IT. Through a call, through shouting at my face, I want to hear them actually say the words out loud." Ramona declared, with a solemn look.

With Brandon leaning forward, she smiled a bit smugly, although she tried to make it look more proper. 70% of getting a guy was luring him in, 20% of that was continuing the chase, and 10% was ensuring that the relationship. Actually, scratch those percentages, but the point still stood: Once you got the guy interested, you were done with the hardest part. At least, that's what her momma said when she asked for relationship advice.

"Ooh, someone's getting a little forward there. Sure, let's test the waters at this dance, but be sure to know: I ain't a one-and-done girl."

Coy. That was the way to do it. She didn't mean to be leading him on, but she didn't want to get burned by going too deep too quick with Brandon. You know, ease the whole thing in. Slowly, but surely.
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