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As Brandon did his frankly, kind-of dumb impression of Voldemort, Ramona couldn't help but smile, with her teeth showing. Perhaps it wasn't the funniest of jokes, or just funny at all, but Ramona always appreciated attempts to lighten the mood.

"Well, at least you're trying to make the situation funner for you. I appreciate school spirit as much as the next person, but I don't think I could have stayed here for over 3 hours or so."

As Brandon explained his reasons for manning the station, Ramona notice the $5 mentioned repeatedly on the sign, and so she hastily sifted through her purse to find some of that cash cash money. She nodded at Brandon's remarks, although she wasn't as attentive as she hoped to be. "Yeah, that sounds rough," Ramona commented as she continued looking through her purse. There must be 5 dollars something inside, shouldn't there? SHEESH.

What then jolted Ramona back to full attention was Brandon's...remark. While Ramona was fairly certain Brandon didn't mean for the comment to hurt, it still felt that way, although Ramona tried to take it in stride. Jokes were jokes, right?

"Mmhhmm, Brandon. My date cancelled on me this morning, so I figured I'll just go hang around and see what is what, you know?" Ramona smiled a small smile at Brandon. "But, do YOU have any lucky ladies or a special someone you're bringing to the dance?"

If all else fails, diversion always worked as a good conversational tactic.

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