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((Sophie McDowell SC2 Pregame: Start))

Sophie hummed to herself as she tuned her guitar. She listened to the bustle of the customers around Sweet Bay Coffee. Tonight was Open Mic Night, and Sophie knew she had to get on the set list. She had arrived early, before the sign-up sheet was even laid out, so that she could perform early. Each performer would be allowed two songs at maximum in their set, so Sophie had to figure out which songs she'd do before it became her turn.

As she tuned her guitar and enjoyed occasional sips of her herbal tea, she tossed around the songs to play in her mind. She had performed at Sweet Bay in the past, so she didn't want to play the same songs again. That meant no "Little Talks" or "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," since the crowd here tonight could have heard her play those songs last month. She had a few in mind for tonight: "Scarborough Fair," "Wildest Dreams," "House of the Rising Sun," "California Dreaming," and "Dream a Little Dream of Me" came to mind as songs she had mastered within the last year or so. There was also the temptation to do something more out there, such as an acoustic cover of "Beautiful People" (the Christina version; performers had to play radio edits during these events) or "Tik Tok." Either way, she was wealthy in choices.

Sophie put the guitar back in the case, then had another sip of tea. The show would start soon, so she needed to figure out what she'd play quickly. She hoped it'd be easy. If not, she could just see what felt right when it became her turn.
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