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AKA more confirmed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) than before
AKA 'cicada makes an ass of herself and PMs everyone a billion times' redux

So... SC2. I have some characters, I'd like to collaborate on some relationships with said characters, with your characters! Hit me up on this thread or by PM or however you want. Whatever. Whenever. Etc.

Color code chart for the system I'll be using:
Everything is blue

Let's get right into it. Again, thanks to Laurels and Ruggahissy for allowing me use of their characters!

Rachael Langdon - You're too shy shy, hush hush eye to eye

Rachael is quite the nervous young woman. She suffers from rather severe social anxiety, while she's medicated for it she still has a tendency to avoid people for the most part, only talking when spoken to or when in class. Around the friends she has made she's sweet and imaginative if somewhat awkward, and she tends to be rather loyal as the trust she's built for folks is quite potent and she holds friends as close as she dares, in her own way. She's not a stand out student by any means, but she has a number of artistic hobbies she engages in, often on her own but she's willing to engage and hang around with those she trusts. For those she's not familiar with she's polite and civil, but sometimes quite clearly uncomfortable.

General Ideas (this is a bit of an experiment in format)


Paris Ardennes - You're the reason that I live, the reason that I sing, with all I am

The boy with hella ass Paris is friendly and extremely charming, if sometimes seemingly distracted from others and with an occasionally negative relationship that precedes him. He's known for being religious, and while he's often fairly cool about it he'll gladly preach if given the opportunity, so many in school know to be careful to keep the discussion away from such things if they have no such interests. He has many casual friends but few very close ones, church and volunteer work seems to consume most of his schedule. He's a solid student with musical inclinations, and he can often be found at parties, sometimes with his guitar at hand to play a few songs spontaneously. Even with people he's not aware of he's very comfortable with being social, though he sometimes won't have a reason to be and will be distant and stand-offish unless approached.

General Ideas (this is a bit of a copy paste)


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if you gave me a (second) chance(s V2) I would take it · SC2 Planning/Discussion
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