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James Mulzet

oh look at this thread that's over a year old that I could bump now that SCDos is actually on the horizon (man wow I was way early on the scdos train >_>). Anyway, there's something a little interesting I saw in James' profile regarding his outlook on work ethic and doing things. I'd like you to write James sending his acceptance form or whatever into Yale (or whatever Ivy League school you choose to use), making James' philosophy on work ethic/doing things a major factor into his choice on whether he actually chooses to send it in. Bonus points if you incorporate another trait of James I can see in the profile that I'm not telling you.

Lance Adams

...Whoh what are the events in this profile, Jesus Christ. Anyway, looking through it to see something that'd likely stay for SCDos, uh... Write a time where Lance is discovered by someone while he is peeking at a piece of media (your choice) that he is not allowed to see.

Anyway, since SCDos is actually close to open now and since people have likely changed their ideas for who they're going to use for the game after a year, anyone who asked for a prompt before this point can ask for a new one. Free of charge, although only if the character you currently have a prompt for is not one you're planning on using for SCDos. New requests from handlers to get given a prompt are also welcome.

(Also, can a staff member move this to the SCDos planning board? It probably fits better there.)
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