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Hey, Yugi! These look really good. Can you do Baxter for me?

Appearance: Brandon is 6’2”, and weighs 219lbs at last weighing. He has short cropped brown hair almost to his skull, and blue eyes. He has a body that has been thickened by physical exercise. Broad shoulders and large biceps compliment a long torso, while his legs are thick with muscle. His face is rounded, accented by the beard that he keeps unkempt and thick. He has a high forehead and small eyes. His knuckles are notably scarred, and he has a tattoo of the initials “K.M.” in black ink across his bicep. His skin is tanned on the places it’s exposed to the sun, leaving his calves, arms and neck bronzed, but his torso and thighs notably paler.

Brandon usually dresses in layers, favouring dress shirts unbuttoned over T-shirts with some form of slogan or saying printed on them. He is rarely seen without jeans - often dirty and ripped, and prefers white sneakers to any other sort of footwear. On the day of the abduction, he wore his football jersey, numbered 67, with a collared shirt beneath it. He also wore jeans and a pair of white sneakers.
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