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honey nut feelios
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Could you do Tori Gavlik?

At 5’3” and 130 lbs, Tori is shorter than average, but near the ideal weight for somebody her age and height. Her thick, straight black hair is cut into a chin-length bobcut and is usually tinted red from numerous outdoor activities. Her almond-shaped pale green eyes flank a small button nose, which sit above thin but protruding lips, which is a result of an untreated overbite from her childhood. Tori is tanned, and dons a moderately sized bust, though she lacks curves elsewhere. The only affects of acne on Tori is around her nose and on the upper arm, although the latter is hidden easily.

Speaking of which, Tori’s fashion sense isn’t really different from the average teen, albeit slightly informal. She usually wears her favorite Sayrevolution hoodie over any cool-colored shirt, paired with sweatpants and a pair of sneakers. On Announcement Day, she donned the hoodie over a lime green shirt, gray sweatpants and hot pink flip flops.


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