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Hi! I can make sprites. You can see some of them here (and there are some in my signature!). I was initially hesitant to open up a thread for this because I considered it to be stepping on toes but I feel that Fenris has been gone for a long enough time now and I considered there to be enough of a sort of demand for them so I figured that there wouldn’t be too much harm in opening this topic. If there is then tell me and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Anyway, yeah, hi. I do sprites. Just post in the topic specifying what character you want it and I’ll do it. Please also post the appearance segment of the profile, because there’d be problems if there wasn’t and the appearance segment of the original profile wasn’t detailed enough for me to make anything out of it. SCDos characters only, please. Maybe I’ll open up a more general request topic in the future but again, still not sure if I’m stepping on any toes here.

Oh, also, one more thing before you make requests, you might wanna make sure that a sprite for your character hasn’t already been done by Fenris or me. It’d make both our jobs that little bit easier. But anyway…

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