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The Yugetnam War
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I'm going to wait until you finish your Maynard prompt before I give you the other prompt, Doc. I know you'll like it, though.

Aura Master Fox
Adonis Alba

A very important part of Adonis' bio is the aggressive behavior that got him kicked off the football team after several actions too many, having it shape basically the rest of his bio, personality, and interactions with other students. Write the game in which he is kicked off the team, and write his initial reaction to being kicked off. You don't have to go further with it than that, but it would be pretty cool if you did!

Theodore Fletcher AGAIN

Dammit I was hoping I wouldn't have to use this one again but I couldn't figure out anything else. Write Theo playing Persona 4 and his reactions to it. It can be any point in the game before Heaven.

The Present (SC2 + PV3)
The Past
The Future

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