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Panya Bishara

Panya’s bio lists her as being not so great at acting/singing, but also as a person who’s good at manipulating people. Write a story in which she tries to get a leading role in an act, but doesn’t, no matter how hard she tries. Bonus points if she tries to manipulate the producer.

Theodore Fletcher

Something I noted in the bio was Theo’s spiral towards depression brought on by Ingrid leaving for Japan. I was going to make your prompt about that but apparently you’re removing Ingrid altogether. Instead, write him during a therapy session, and have him decide to get more relationships with people.

Polybius Jones
Austin White

Something that I saw in the bio was the fact that Austin doesn’t take betrayal very well, being described as “prone to disowning people and burning bridges over minor slights.” Write Austin in a scenario in which someone in his circle of friends has done a disservice to him, and write his reaction to it. Bonus points if it’s something minor.

Maynard Francis Hurst

[4:13:15 PM] Yugikun: "Maynard decided to become a vegetarian after falling in love with a lamb during a class trip,"
[4:13:16 PM] Yugikun: doc
[4:13:18 PM] Yugikun: i have your prompt
Write the incident in which Maynard becomes a vegetarian.

Chuck Soileau

I wanna see that bad zombie RP. Anyway, write a situation in which Chuck gets into an argument about politics, and have him bore/alienate people.

In addition, I’m going to break professionalism a bit here and request a prompt of my own for one Zach Jamis. I don’t really mind who gives it to me, though.
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