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Trying to pick fights? That wasn't what she was doing at all. That implied a level of uncertainty. Sarah knew if she approached everything the right way there would be no way the result of her quest would be in doubt. Maybe other people just couldn't grasp that. Sarah met Pia's gaze and didn't blink. She either didn't understand or was fooling herself into believing she knew what was happening. There was no way she could understand; she hadn't lost her closest friend without ever getting to see her and then one of her best friend’s right before her eyes. She could still see the blood leaking out of Caroline's neck onto the floor of the beauty parlour.

Sarah opened her mouth to respond but before she could Paisley started talking again. Don't call Pia a killer? What was she in that case? A saviour? No. Sarah had seen what happened first hand; with Ashley. Everyone was dangerous in Survival of the Fittest but the ones that had killed had already made that step and from there it would just become easier for them. Someone had to try and stop them.

It was an argument she couldn't win. Two versus one where neither of the two wanted to listen. It was also a fight she couldn't win. They may have been calling her stupid but Sarah was smart enough to realise that. Better to just leave things how they were. She could come back for Pia later. She had time. There were other killers walking around anyway. She could skip over one for now. Taking a step back Sarah turned and put the PowerAde and Chip back into her bag. Gripping the table leg with one hand and her bag with the other Sarah looked between Pia and Paisley before settling on Paisley for the first time since the conversation began.

"I'm not calling her a killer like she's a criminal. I'm calling her a killer because that's what she is now. Nothing will change that."
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