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(Corin continued from: Better to be alone than with bad company)

Corin was beginning to sicken of constantly being alert; though the walk had been peaceful the paranoia of Vahka taking a roundabout path and coming abruptly out of the trees was always a lingering thought. Up until the game started, Corin had thought him to be a pretty great guy – he mulled over how he was acting like a total bastard after that exchange. Corin coughed to clear his throat, he was going back the theatre and it was because he hadn’t any plan. He had no idea about what he was doing anymore.

He was walking along the walls, not wanting to walk straight into the building like last time in case that guy he’d shot earlier was still around. He hoped not, he figured he’d fled, or rather he hoped he fled. Still, he looked through the door to the lobby through an angle. He recognised the faces, but his attention went straight to Paisley. His heart started to beat a little faster in his chest. He knew it was a stretch, but he had hoped that she had been left at home or skipped over by recruitment.

It looked like it was a delicate moment, like an argument. It certainly sounded like one. He bit his lower lip, it was chapped, but he was focusing on whether or not he should step in. His first impulse was to throw caution to the wind, for once and rush to Paisley. He didn’t though, for a moment his legs stayed glued to the ground. When he did move, it was to back away from the doorway; he was cupping his face with his hand and thinking about what the best course of action was for him. He almost groaned in frustration, but restrained himself in order to stay quiet.

He looked to see if either of the girls from the boardwalk had decided to follow him before taking any action. He was thinking of just walking in, he didn’t want to miss this chance to catch Paisley, it wasn’t even a plan but that’s what his mind was telling him. He waited to see if the bickering would come to an end soon, it would probably be better than waltzing in at that exact moment.
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