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Paisley stared at Pia.

Please stop talking.

For the love of God stop talking.

I know you shot some girl who was trying to run away. I know that you didn't shoot the last person you killed, you stabbed them, why didn't you just shoot them? You know any ounce of credit or believability's going straight out the window once everyone hears you gutted some poor girl. Why don't you just shoot Sarah if you're putting on this tough girl act Pia? I know you're upset about Caroline was dead but you know we were never going to see her again. Do you still think Matt's plan is still on after you murdered him?

Of course Paisley didn't say any of this. Because that required her to pay attention to what Pia was saying.

It was Sarah's question that distracted her. Her anger was at a low temperature. The question itself did not set her off. Neither did the absolute lack of response, save for a bit of a glance. Fine. If Sarah didn't want Paisley pity, fine. Forget her. Caroline was dead and Paisley had nothing to do with that. What did set Paisley off was the tone. It was the way she spoke and the look on her face and the whole cold killer act.

And Paisley fell right into it.

"Don't you dare talk like that."

Paisley's expression was that of an unimpressed slab of concrete. She knew how to fight, but she rarely fought with her fists.

"Pia did what she had to do. It doesn't matter if I approve of it or not. She's still Pia, she's still my friend, and no stupid game is going to change that."

Paisley's voice held a sharp spike to it. The gun remained pointed towards the floor. Her fuse simmered and fizzed.

"And you know what? Even if Pia wasn't my friend, she's been with me since we arrived. She's helped me this entire time and I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for her. Maybe you don't see that as a reason to 'work' with her, but I do. So don't you dare call her a killer, like she's some criminal, I'll have none of it."
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