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Pia had opened her mouth before Sarah even finished talking, already formulating her response, but once Sarah's words sank in, she couldn't force any sound out. Caroline? Caroline was dead? No, no, they'd just seen Caroline yesterday. They were going to meet back up with her, get the Bears to the finals. Caroline couldn't be dead.

Pia realized with a jolt that everyone they'd met so far who had died had done so by her own hand. Caroline was the first ally - the first friend - that she'd been able to see and talk to beforehand. Sure, she'd been distraught over all the other names, memories of who they were back in Whittree, but Caroline had been there. They'd had a plan. How was the plan going to work if Marcus was crazy and Caroline was dead?

When the words finally did come, they were disjointed. "I- we saw Caroline. Yesterday. Why'd Ashley shoot her? We were going to meet up with her again, we were gonna-" Pia had to stop herself before anything else spilled forth. Couldn't let her guard down, not when Sarah was still looking at her like you'd look at a dangerous animal.

She shouldn't have ever let Caroline out of her sight. Hell, they should have at least made sure she took a decent weapon with her, but even that wouldn't have guaranteed anything the way making her stick with them would have. Paisley had one hell of a weapon, didn't she, and she'd still managed to kick off disaster back at the cabaret. It was becoming apparent to Pia that she was really the only person here who knew how to both keep it together and keep herself alive. Matt went and got himself shot, Marcus flipped, Paisley cracked, and now Caroline had been knocked out of the running too.

It was going to be one hell of an effort to get the remaining team to the finish line.

Pia took a deep breath, looked Sarah straight in the eyes, and tightened her grip on the Vektor. "Caroline was on Paisley's team. Why'd Ashley shoot her? What happened?"

She could feel Paisley at her back. God only knew what was going through her mind, and all Pia could do was hope that they weren't about to have another Genni on their hands.
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