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No denial. No remorse just the facts. Paisley Hopkins was with Pia, Sarah hadn't noticed her before. She hadn't killed anyone as far as Sarah knew. That meant she was friendly, still a person. There was no fight with her. Would Paisley kill as time went on? Maybe maybe not. It didn't matter right now. If she killed then Sarah would deal with her, as things were though Paisley was no threat and not a target.

Pia on the other hand, was both. But at the same time Sarah couldn't fight someone who had a gun head on. Luckily Pia offered her a chance to think and buy more time to come up with a plan. She wanted to know what had happened. Where could Sarah start? Everything had gone wrong and she'd lost her three best friends in the space of a few short minutes. There was no way to soften that impact or cushion the emotional blow.

"Valerie was murdered by a guy called Gene Steward. Caroline was shot in front of me by Ashley. Anzu has lost her mind." Sarah's voice stayed level, like she was reading off some statistics or facts. Sadly there was no changing what happened, there were so many things she could have done differently to prevent everything from happening. But she would never get the chance to ever fix her mistakes. Instead she would have to live with them. Carry the loss of her friends with her and use them to push her forwards, give her the drive to keep going. Maybe Anzu could be saved, but that would have to come later. Ashley would have to die either way. Sarah couldn't let Caroline's murder go unpunished it just wasn't an option.

She'd told her story, now she would have to wait for how Pia responded.
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