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Missed her by that much.

That was the predominant thought is Shawn’s kind as he lay there. It had all happened so fast that he couldn’t say that he had actually seen it happen and had only experienced it through recollection; he remembered his second shot hitting her backpack, so fucking close to hitting the girl herself that they both thought that it had. And then he had seen the little flare as she fired her own gun, much more on target than he was; how could she miss at that range? Why had he gotten so close?

He was sure the bullet hit him before the sound of the gunshot reached his ears. It struck him under the chin, just above the collar and a little to the left, tearing through his throat and leaving a bloody path through his neck in its wake. Shawn didn’t so much fall and crumble, legs practically disappearing out from under him as his knees gave way and he landed on the floor in a heap.

The gun fell from his limp finger and clattered away somewhere, hopefully nearer to Sebastien or Jackson than Jewel. Shaking hands reached for his neck, clamping down on the wide wound, trying to exert enough pressure to stem the bleeding. The collar interfered with his efforts and he found himself tugging at it to try and move it aside, all thought of explosives forgotten in the face of a more immediate threat.

He was no longer aware of what was going on around him, absorbed in his own futile efforts to stop the bleeding. He didn’t know where Jewel had gone, he wasn’t sure what the others were doing; the sound of someone screaming managed to break through and he really hoped it was Jewel, if only so he wouldn’t have to think about someone he cared about being hurt.

Blood continued to pour through his fingers in torrents. It pooled beneath him and made his fingers slippery, only making his efforts to move the collar aside harder as his soaked digits slid over the smooth metal. The more blood he lost the more his movements slowed, the heavier his arms felt and the darker the edges of his vision got. After no time at all his arms simply fell away from his neck, too tired to lift them anymore. He couldn’t hear anything anymore; he wanted to know what was going on. Where was everybody?

Where was Ana?

Where was Jewel?

Where… where was…

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