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After the announcements ended, Cathryn didn't really know what to do. It was taking a while for the fact to actually register. They said she was shot in the chest apparently. Lucia del Pirlo, some girl she'd never heard of, probably from Davison, did it. All of this, she understood. What she couldn't quite comprehend was this.

Leah was dead.

For a few seconds, she looked at something, she wasn't sure what, miles and miles away, even though her eyes were pointed at the ground. She then mumbled some excuse to get away for a while. Walking always helped.

The first thing she did was flick off the headset. The fear from last night had faded somewhat with time. She wasn't terrified of Jewel right now, just worried. Besides, she was having some banal conversation with someone right now. She needed quiet right now. Silence.

Cathryn found herself in the museum part, surrounded by pictures of this family, maybe the founders of this place, from around a century ago to just around now. It didn't matter, just some background she didn't really need. Whatever conversations Will and Bella on the other side of the building were having were reduced to mere sound waves with varying pitch, without any meaning. Her breath started shaking, and her fists clenched and unclenched themselves.

The first thing that came to mind was how Cathryn never got a chance. To say goodbye, to say hello. Or any word for that matter. No questions about what the point of 'creepypasta' really was, or talking about whatever their goals were for the future, since there was nothing else to talk about. Honestly, even just sitting together, maybe eating that Subway sandwich they all had tucked in their bags, looking at each other without saying a word, maybe that would've worked. It was what they'd done every day. Leah wasn't a talker, and sometimes, conversations would simply trail off into nothing. But it was never awkward, never. It was perfect, an escape from Whittree, from everything she hated. That would've worked. Maybe even a glimpse would've been just fine. Just one last look.

But Lucia took that from her. Fucking Lucia. Just some random name from the first announcement, who had taken one of her only friends, one of the only decent people she knew, fucking Lucia, who was evil personified who took Leah shot her in the chest dead killed Leah who would still be alive if she were still alive would've had a chance of surviving this show not a game but this death match

She looked towards the nearest camera, to the people who caused all this, who murdered Leah, to Lucia del Pirlo, to Jewel Evans, to everyone who'd done this to her, and screamed, and screamed, and screamed.
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