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General Goose
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Gene had not proven to be an interesting or captivating conversation partner.

The first question was his go-to one for assessing someone's personality in this situation; what'd you think of SOTF-TV? You could discover a lot about someone's personality traits from that one question. Yagmur's response alone would key you in on his opposition to government coercion, his distaste for sheeple, his rejection of the idea humanity's creative juices were drained, his absolute rejection of the idea it made for gripping TV, his somewhat uncharacteristic preference for light-hearted comedies.

Gene's response confirmed what he suspected; he was a tasteless, conformist asshole. He tried finding an analytical or intellectual or cultural side to this whole shebang, which was probably a plus, but also a waste of an analytical mind.

Normally Yagmur wouldn't care, live and let live, but he was stuck with this guy for the whole game.

He didn't even have any baconnaise with him.

Gene then asked a few other questions, despite Yagmur ceasing his own questioning. What experience had he had? What did Jewel look like? He kept his answers laconic, perfunctory, and blunt. "Met up with Lisa, formed a temporary alliance with her, Jewel killed her, went with Colin to the casino." "Tall, thin, dyed black hair, Gothy clothes. Probably wearing her victims' skins by now, so don't hold me to the fashion bit." He made sure to only listen to sentences that sounded like they might be questions.

Gene was not a good conversation partner.

((Yagmur Tekindor continued from Not Laughing Hyenas, GMing approved))

Gene tried sarcasm. Or giving an order. Either way, it didn't work. "Don't break the door again," Yagmur paraphrased, in a mocking high-pitch voice as he turned back to Gene. "Well, you don't make an introduction by threatening to throw a Molotov cocktail. Or a similar plan of action," he added hastily. "How's that for a compromise?" Yagmur was not a fan of compromise, but this wasn't really a compromise; he knew he had no intention of breaking this door down (and couldn't anyway because no fruit machine was handy), but for all he knew, Gene was planning on storming in and throwing the Subway sandwich into peoples' faces.

Might work if it had salmonella, but meh.

"And of course I'll go in," he said, holding his gun steady. Slowly opening the door, which made a worrying creak, he called out. "Anyone in there? We're not violent. This is Yagmur Tekindor and Gene...Belcher or something."
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