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((Timeskip for continuity. Also minor GMing of Cathryn with Mara's permission. Lemme know if something needs fixed))

"Eden's a girl from our school", Bella replied, then added "She's... she's friendly, don't worry."

Maybe once Eden showed up they could return to the condos, or if she didn't, maybe she returned there. But what Cathryn said reminded her of something else.

She was looking for someone. A Leah, from her school.

Bella didn't run into too many of the kids from Cathryn's school beyond the orange haired girl and the girl with pink hair she saw with Matt, come to think of it. But Leah was Cathryn's best friend.

At the question of whether or not they had someone they were looking for, Bella knew the answer.

Shadi was still out there, and god knew what was happening right now. Bella had been thinking of her the second she had woken up, and just this once, she wanted to see her. She kept telling herself Shadi could take care of herself for a while to keep herself from worrying, but her mind kept wondering.

"Well... I know someone close to me is here", she said. "Her name's Shadi Williams. She means the world to me."

Bella realized she had looked down at her shoes, and forced her head back up.

"Maybe we can help each other", she added, with a smile to her face.


Bella had sat down on a bench nearby dozing off when the announcement went off again. They didn't play music this time, but something major of note had happened.

Shadi had killed two people.

The name Forrest Doe didn't ring a bell, and only vaguely did Sarah Miller. Apparently it was a bludgeoning. No further details beyond that it was in succession.

Bella wasn't sure how to take the news. Truth be told, she wanted to give her the benefit of a doubt. Of course she was... biased, to say the least. But Bella knew how the announcements often exaggerated things for drama. Accidents and self defense were usually reported the same as someone killing another on purpose. It was obvious why. To increase tension among the players.

It only told her that she needed to find a way to find Shadi. It seemed a little daunting to search through the entire resort, and she wasn't too good with directions. Finding a way to start seemed difficult.

But she wanted answers, to see her side of the story. Shadi wasn't a bad person.

Other things had happened. Matt died, killed by someone named Pia Malone. She couldn't help but wonder if it was one of the girls he had been talking to before. It was strange, knowing that you saw him alive before. The name Jewel Evans came up again.

Another name, Leah, sounded familiar. She almost forgot where, but Cathryn's reaction reminded her. It was her friend, the one she mentioned. The killer sounded familiar. Lucia must had been someone at her school.

It wasn't long before Cathryn had asked to be alone for a bit. Bella couldn't blame her. The announcements had been getting to her, and she understood that Cathryn wasn't feeling good. Bella obviously didn't know Leah, but she couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

Bella gently rocked her feet back and forth, in thought. There was a lot on her mind right now.

Eventually, she had to finally say it. It was something she hoped wasn't true.

"I... I don't think Eden's coming", she said, her voice once again low.
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