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((I'll edit anything that's wrong and fucks stuff up, if you want! PM me!))
((GHIII Gene Steward, Enter))
It was a long way to the building, but they arrived. They went to the opposite direction of the Casino, but avoided the DZ. And after they traveled, they were at the Aqua-Museum.

Here they might find people, or maybe supplies. And Gene was curious about the building. It was odd. What was an Aqua-Museum?

Gene stood in front of the door, but wasn't planning to go in there. First. Yagmur was stronger and had the weapon.

"You should go in there, first. If you want."

He looked into Yagmur's eyes. Maybe he should've asked for the gun earlier. After all, he might not be the best shooter with the missing fingers.

"And don't break the door again, please. Thank you."
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