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"Who's Eden?"

Cathryn's forehead scrunched as she asked that. Bella never said anything about an Eden. It was kinda scaring her how many unknown factors were coming into play. Any of the little details could cause another Naomi, another Jewel. Her heart had just slowed down, and her hands were still slightly shaking, fidgeting with each other's fingers as Will and Bella talked. It was fucking surreal how quickly everything had changed. A few minutes ago, Cathryn was running for her life from Jewel, and now they were doing the old 'hi, how nice to meet you' routine. How was that even possible?

And then Will asked if any of them knew what they wanted to do, and her mind immediately turned to one of the rapidly increasing pile of problems that clouded Cathryn's mind, to the announcements, to Leah. Leah, her best friend who'd now killed someone.

"Actually, yeah. I have a friend, Leah. She was on the announcements earlier, but I'm sure that she had a good reason. Self-defense."

There was no way it couldn't be anything other than that. Leah wasn't capable of full-out murder.

"I really want to see her. She's one of my best friends."

One of her only friends.

There was no 'why' or 'how'. No big plans, or actions that would mean anything after a couple more days. Unless either Bella or Will turned out to be some prodigy in engineering who could figure out the collars, they were all doomed, she was sure of that. The only thing Cathryn knew was that she wanted to see her one last time, have one last talk, one last laugh.

Maybe an explanation would help, too.

Looking at Will, she added, "Is there anyone you guys want to find?"
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