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Will nodded energetically as the unknown girl identified herself as Cathryn, the breathlessness that had accompanied his greeting to the pair continuing to tear away at his insides. He offered her his hand and hoped she’d accept it; Cathryn didn’t seem anywhere near as skittish as Alice had been, nor was she holding any dangerous weapon in her hands - but he wanted to avoid what had transpired the last time he’d encountered someone from the other school at all costs, and being as friendly as possible couldn’t hurt, could it? It came to him naturally, after all.

Bella responded his greeting in turn, and a wave of relief washed over Will as she spoke, elaborating on what’d happened with her so far. She seemed to be exactly like the Bella he’d known back in Albuquerque, friendly and sweet, and that was something he knew for a certainty couldn’t be said of many of his classmates, not anymore. And if she was unscathed so far, that meant he had a chance, a real chance, to make up for his failures so far. He wouldn’t let there be another Isaiah or Lucy or - he prayed it wouldn’t be true, but he needed to acknowledge it all the same - Erik. He’d succeed this time, keep Bella safe and protect her like he should’ve done with everybody else he’d met so far.

Bella mentioned that she’d met Eden Bishop before, a girl whom Will was on friendly terms with - though they weren’t particularly close; Eden being much sportier than he. All the same, he was glad to know she hadn’t endured too much so far - though he decided he’d reserve full judgement for when she arrived. She was probably having a much better time of things on a physical front, at the very least - Will was starting to regret neglecting to partake in any of the activities she’d so eagerly participated in now, his pulse only just now beginning to slow from the exertion he’d undergone on his way to the museum.

“Good,” he said warmly, as Bella finished, and meant it. “I don’t suppose either of you guys have any idea what you’re gonna do? Because I certainly don’t.”
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