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A team mate?

Bella smiled, though a bit cautiously. Was it true? Maybe she was being sneaky, and she stole the bandanna off someone else. Or maybe the producers gave her a full set of them like Ben Grayson before. She wasn't sure if she should believe her.

But to be honest, Bella wanted to.

Teams weren't something she figured out her stance on, ever since she got here. She still didn't feel like looking for team mates, or anything like that. But she had a team mate, another jellyfish, in front of her. It meant she had to deal with it as quickly as possible.

On the bright side... it meant that if Cathryn was on her team, she wouldn't attack her. Or at least, she would gain nothing from it. But what about Eden? Or anyone else they encountered?

She wasn't sure where to take the conversation after that tidbit. Maybe ask about Jewel Evans? Or tell her that Eden's coming?

A new subject, though, had come up. Well, ran up with a smile on his face.


Will was another friend of hers. He worked in the costume department, and she'd been to Curiositea before. Well, many times. They took him too, though? So that was Matt, Eden, herself, Shadi, Lucy, Isaiah, Austin, Damion, Taylor, Will, and Davis, all from Davison. But it was still a pleasure to see him, alive. And hopefully, still as friendly and laid back as ever.

"I'm glad you're okay", she said.

Maybe it was a little cheesy to say that. But in all honesty, it was what was exactly on her mind. She really had no idea what he'd been through so far. Bella and Eden had been somewhat fortunate themselves, but she knew it wasn't the case for everyone else.

Cathryn had introduced herself, as Bella shuffled her feet.

"Eden's here too, and she was walking with me a little before. She should be here any minute", she added.
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