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As soon as Cathryn heard 'jellyfish', she finally allowed herself to smile a bit. This was a better opportunity than Naomi and Christopher, really. Bella being her teammate wouldn't guarantee that they'd stay together. Karen Ruiz had killed some of her teammates a few months back. But, at the least, it provided less incentive for one to betray the other.

With a slight chuckle, she said, "Same here."

She was about to go closer when some guy suddenly shouted and walked into the building. The fear was still so fresh, a few minutes in fact, and the headset she wore only reminded her of the danger. But then he introduced himself as Will, Bella's friend. Her pulse had just started to slow down a bit when something started bothering her. It took her a few seconds to figure out why, but then it hit her.

"So, I see that you found me. Now let's not get separated, sound good?"

"Yeah, I'm glad I found you."

It was unreasonable for Cathryn, especially Cathryn, to get scared over a little déjà vu, but God, she'd just seen and heard two people get killed a few minutes ago, and her soles were still a bit sticky. She wasn't ready to repeat the past 24 hours all over again.

She forced her lips to turn upwards a bit, because there was no actual reason to act cold to him and replied.

"Hey there. I'm Cathryn."
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