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((Will Brackenrig continued from Don’t You?))

Will hadn’t allowed himself even a moment to think once he fled the orchard, letting his body work on autopilot until he was as far away from the area as possible. It’d been a difficult task, admittedly, what with the plethora of emotions threatening to surface as he made his face across the resort with as much stealth as he could muster. He’d wanted to stay and wait for Erik to return, but the fear that he wouldn’t and that whomever had snuffed him out would go for him as well had propelled him from the area without a second thought. At the time it’d seemed the right idea, but now, when he was far away and approaching the entranceway of another building - having chosen to return to the familiarity of the aqua museum - sure assurances had almost completely fled his mind.

He’d left Erik’s belongings safely shrouded by a cluster of shrubs - invisible to everybody unless they were actively looking for it. He didn’t want to run off with his friends bags, not if he ended up coming back for them - what sort of an ally or teammate or friend would he be if he did that? What’d happened to Erik was still unbeknown to him, and Will wanted to do as much in his power as he could to convince himself that whatever firefight his friend had caught himself in had ended with Erik as the victor. The alternative was to accept that he failed once again, as he had with Isaiah and Lucy; let someone die, all because he was being useless.

He wouldn’t let that happen again. If positivity and hopeless praying didn’t work and Erik was really gone, then he wouldn’t fail again.

He’d do better, Isaiah, Lucy, Erik.


The doors were already wide open when he reached the museum’s entrance, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to Will when he found it was already occupied upon entering the building. A pair of girls were situated a short distance away and though it took Will awhile to recognise who they were, a couldn’t have been happier when he did. Bella Bianchi was one of his good friends back home, so talented and sweet - if not without the same levels of timidity he’d always detected with Erik. She’d been a fan of SOTF as well, with the same levels of squeamishness as him, and was a fairly regular customer at the teahouse as well. He was upset that she’d been dragged into this as well, naturally, but that was taking a backseat at the moment to the pure undiluted relief of finding another one of his friends.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, a grin replacing the frown of worry that’d found its place on his features ever since he’d left the orchard. “Bella, I’m so glad I found you!” he smiled happily at his friend, beam etched firmly into his features, before turning to the other girl - someone he didn’t recognise, she must’ve been from Whittree - and continuing, still offering the same warm smile. “I’m Will, Bella’s friend.”
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