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The gust of wind that just came through the door only reminded Bella of how cold it was outside. Unfortunately, she wasn't dressed well-enough for cold weather. It was almost enough for her to put on the sugary sweet dress they had given her just in case it would be even somewhat warmer. But it would be potentially sacrificing movement for warmth if she did. The aquarium itself did deaden the cold a bit, at the least, though not by much.

Bella shivered a bit. It wasn't entirely the chill.

Cathryn, she noticed, was holding some kind of object. What, she didn't know. It had a hook, but the rest of it didn't look like a cane. Maybe that would be how she would do it. Just hit her in the head with whatever it was, and it would be over for her. She said she wasn't going to attack, but she needed more time to see if that was true. As Cathryn stepped closer, the shape told her it was a lawn flamingo. That must had been what they had given her, or maybe she was improvising a bit. It was a relief that it was just a plastic flamingo, though, but not too much.

She wanted to know what team she was on. The light was too dark for Bella to tell if Cathryn was wearing one. She must not had been able to see the blue bandanna wrapped around her wrist.

"I'm... I'm blue. Blue with a jellyfish", she said.

Bella felt another shiver, chilling her legs.

"What about you?"

She had just remembered the day packs had flashlights in them. It had been just light enough for her to get around without it, but it would be helpful. In a second, she could take it out so that she could get a closer look at Cathryn.

And hopefully Eden would show up soon. It would be a relief.
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