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When Bella simply stated her name and stayed there, it... didn't make everything better, but it alleviated all these emotions Cathryn was feeling. There was still a chance.

Her eyes struggled to make out shapes in the dark. She could see the girl standing, along with some lump, too small to be a body thankfully, at her feet. The tiny amount of light filtering from the door allowed Cathryn to see both their reflections in these glass tanks filled with water.

Her feet moved slowly, measuring every step. Cathryn didn't want to come across as threatening, and maybe the flamingo she held in her right hand would help with that, but nothing was guaranteed.

Cathryn was mostly focused with the bandanna, the tiniest amount of hope starting to stir within her. It was too dim to say whether it was dark blue or black. Part of Cathryn leaned towards blue, but that might just be her mind being optimistic.

"Hi, Bella," she said. "Same here, won't attack."

A draft blew in from the door, reminding Cathryn what month of the year it was and how she needed to find some new clothes. She shivered a bit, and chattered too.

"T-tell me. What team are you on?"
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