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Bella heard a cough, and as she turned she saw a girl.

This girl didn't look like anyone she knew, even in the dim light. Nor did she sound like anyone she knew, even people she met in passing. What she said, though, didn't mean anything good no matter what the context. Don't mess with Jewel Evans, she said, or you'll regret it.

It took Bella a second to remember where she had last heard the name "Jewel Evans". It wasn't a classmate, but she was on the announcement. In fact she was the one to... "eliminate" Lisa and Todd. Lisa and Todd's murderer. That was what the announcement said.

Was this girl Jewel? No, that couldn't have been it. Was she attacked by her? Working with her? She obviously knew her in some way. What if she was nearby?

Bella began looking for a way out, just in case. Having someone come up to you and ask you not to mess with a major killer first thing probably wasn't a good sign. Especially if that killer took out two of your classmates, may she add.

Where was Eden, anyways?

The girl, even in the lighting, seemed a bit flustered and introduced herself. Her name was Cathryn. There was someone with something similar by that name at Davison, but it obviously wasn't her. That only confirmed that Cathryn was another one of the students from the other school.

Bella's mouth opened, but it was hard to get any words out.

"Hello, Cathryn". Her voice came out feebly, but she put a smile on, just to show she wasn't going to attack.

She couldn't tell if Cathryn was wearing a bandanna, or what color it was, at least not yet.

After a moment, she added "I'm Bella. Bianchi. I'm not going to attack, don't worry."

Was it a good idea to tell her her name and whether she was playing? Bella honestly wasn't sure, but she hoped that it didn't turn out to be bad. Everything leading up to the first announcement was usually safer. People weren't as tense, and more relaxed. After the first, though, that's when they started to get more anxious. They had heard the announcements, or had seen the things described in them. It was after the first, and if Cathryn's first instinct was to warn someone about a killer, it meant something was up.

Bella's bag was on the floor next to her, just in case. She had brought it with her, and if Cathryn did anything she could just grab it and run.
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