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((Cathryn Bailey continues from Don't You?))

Cathryn sprinted from the orchard, swerving across many buildings, the frigid air rushing past her, raising the goosebumps on her skin. She didn't really know how she managed to do it without tripping, now that night had fallen and the lights had no electricity to fuel them, but she didn't care. All there was to do was run.

As she did so, several emotions solidified within her, none of them good. The blood started rushing through her head, and her jaw clenched as she imagined herself back at the orchard, with Jewel and Naomi shaking hands. Her hands began trembling once more as Naomi got her baton. Everything slowed down, every detail crystal-clear, with the holes being filled in by Cathryn's mind.

If she'd just pulled Naomi away, stopped the attack before it happened, then they would have said their pleasantries, stood there for a few tense seconds, and then go on their separate ways. Things would've been OK for at least a few more days, and Jewel would be nothing more but a random enocunter.

But there was a difference between not helping and being helpless. There was nothing she could've done for that. That recklessness was on Naomi, and Naomi only. Frustration surged through Cathryn as that occurred to her. But after that, she should've intervened. Cathryn would have smashed her flamingo on top of Jewel's head, at most knocked her out, at least distracted her. And they would've sprinted and sprinted, and maybe escaped. But logic took over, ruined her fantasy. Jewel would've caught up, and slaughtered them both. Bullets and knives were more powerful than shocks and strikes.

She kicked the snow and bit her tongue. Fucking Naomi and her fucking stupidity. Out of all the people she could've gone after, she went after the goth girl with two kills under her belt. Fuck.

All this regret and anger swirled and churned in this maelstrom in her stomach, combined with other things. Her heart almost stopped as she heard Jewel's voice crackle on through her headset. She'd left it on because there was always, always a chance that Jewel might speak, check to see if it's on, and Cathryn's last days would turn into hours. The words weren't directed at Cathryn, thankfully. But it was getting harder and harder to withhold any screams as she realized that it was happening again. Just another chance meeting with some kid named Erik. She couldn't pick up any of what he was saying, but that cold voice carried on, without a hint of remorse or doubt. And then a single gunshot.

A few whimpers escaped Cathryn's throat.

This was what Jewel got off too, right? Being in power, hearing those whimpers. Part of her raged all the more for it, but that rage was overwhelmed by terror. Everything she did, everything she said, it would be heard by Jewel. And she couldn't do a thing about it. Humiliation was better than death.

She found this unremarkable building and decided it would be best to spend the rest of the night there. It's not like no one else would go here, right?

Of course, someone was there. Some girl she didn't recognize. At first, she frowned and her eyebrows scrunched. Cathryn wasn't in the mood for people, especially those she didn't recognize. But the thing was, she didn't recognize her. That meant she was from... Davison, Naomi said, right? Cathryn would lose her mind by herself. She needed someone else to bear her burden, to suffer with. Maybe she could pull off this hat trick again.

But there was Jewel's ultimatum, one that would most likely alienate any potential allies. But anything was better than death, anything better than being drenched with blood.

She coughed, as to make her presence known.

"Don't mess with Jewel Evans, or you'll regret it."

Cathryn looked down, cheeks reddening. Maybe she could make up for this.

"My name's Cathryn," she added. "Please, don't be scared."
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